Defend Pop Punk; a phrase I’ve recently seen being thrown around on the internet quite a bit. Maybe it’s a marketing gimmick, maybe some kids follow this with their heart, who knows. All I know is that pop punk doesn’t need any defending at all, especially with the most recent release of “Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person” By Misser, a pop punk duo formed by Tim Landers and Brad Wiseman, hailing from two already established Pop Punk bands: Transit and This Time Next Year.

A drunken acoustic prelude begins this album with the beginning track “Permanently”, seemingly giving off the impression of being at a bar (drunk of course) before going off into the rest of the album; a title track appropriate since the rest of the songs mostly focus on bad relationships, lost loves and bad choices. Many songs many people will find themselves relating to. Weightless and Bad News being my two favorite tracks off this album.

Production wise, the album is very good, vocals, drums, guitars and bass all come together to bring something a bit different to the pop punk genre. The album is reminiscent of a typical pop punk album, but with a lighter, airy feel to it. It’s not as diverse as I’d like it to be, and some acoustic tracks included in would have been wonderful, but only small points that detract from what is otherwise a good album.

Overall, Misser’s first release is a good one, something that I would recommend to fans of pop punk and other genres alike. With catchy verses and choruses, Misser will no doubt have you singing along to their tracks.