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Using these sponsors you can get some great deals and support us financially. If you see an option for a discount or coupon code, try using killthemusic!


Can I just send you some weed money?

Of course! You can easily send any amount via or Square Cash or Paypal.


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Feed Sponsorships

Week-long sponsorships are available for Kill The Music's syndicated newsfeed. This is the best way to directly promote your product or service to our audience. The story will appear in our news feed, RSS feed, be sent out to Twitter and Facebook, and is highly visible and specialized. This exclusive sponsorship includes:

  • A promotional "sponsored" post that will appear in our newsfeed at the start of the week. This can be any (within reason) approved copy and image you'd like and will be clearly labeled as a sponsored post. This is one of the best ways to reach our loyal audience and share your product or service. It's virtually the one unmissable ad spot we sell.

  • This post will also reach our RSS subscribers, Twitter account, and Facebook fans.

  • At the end of the week, we will post another item to the newsfeed thanking the feed sponsor. This will also include a brief blurb and prominent link.

  • Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one will be available per week.

Prices start at just $150 per sponsorship