Beartooth, the band fronted by Caleb Shomo (ex-Attack Attack! vocalist!), headlined their first show but are still getting their name out there the old-fashioned way without a label; house shows. The band is currently doing a run of them and I had a chance to chat with Caleb about CLASS, his old band, and his studio.

You can follow the band on Facebook, as well as Twitter. You can follow Caleb on Twitter as well.

For the record, what’s your name and what do you do in the band?

Caleb Shomo and I sing.

Let’s talk about your roots. I’ve never been to Westerville, Ohio before. What’s it like there?

Westerville is amazing. Very chill neighborhoods, great friends, and good times.

You’re headlined your first show with Beartooth; do you feel like you’re starting out at the very bottom, or that you’ve already started working from an established base?

Well, I guess I have some sort of foundation from my past experience in Attack Attack!. I’ve been touring since I was 15 and fronting a band since 17. Definitely makes the stage a lot more comfortable for this new project.

You said in your statement you’re on good terms with Phil Druyor; any chance of you guys touring together in the future?

 I’d love nothing more!

Do you currently have a working album title for the record?

Not really; possibly Fear the Tooth? Just been making songs for fun and it’s all been coming together quite nicely.

Did you have any guest vocalists or was it all you behind the mic?

So far, just me. I’d love to get some other singers on the record though!

You said in your AltPress interview that you’ve been doing electronic music since before you joined Attack Attack!, what inspired you to make an EP?

Honestly, I’ve just always love synthesizers. That and I like loud music and having a good time. I want to bring the vibe of a hardcore show to dance music, NOT at all musically, just in the sense of the energy of the show and the vibe. I love energy and just going nuts. I generally treat a CLASS set like I’d treat a show I was fronting for a hardcore band in many ways.

Will we ever hear an extended version of that dubstep outro from Lonely made into a CLASS song?

Haha, probably not. I was very young and not too good at making EDM back then; all about the new stuff for me.

Any chance you’ll do some solo acoustic material? You had a song (Apathy) that was pretty good.

I actually have written songs since then. about 3 or 4. i just have kinda kept those to myself so far. very personal songs.

How will you balance your recording studio and being on tour with Beartooth?

A lot of working. haha.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that has never been revealed in an interview before?

Not sure; I feel like I’m pretty open in interviews. I’m left handed? haha

At this point in your career, is there any uncharted territory that you haven’t been able to get to yet?

I want to play in japan more than anything. I’d love to go to Indonesia as well; seems like shows there would be amazing.