Imminence Records’ Sirens has unveiled their boundary pushing new single entitled “Drone” to the world. The single, which can be heard HERE, features technically-driven heavier sections complementing immaculate ambient soundscapes. Drummer/singer Zakk Huff had this to say on the single, “We are excited to present our fans with what we consider to be our heaviest, most demanding, and softest song yet. ‘Drone’ pushes our boundaries in all directions; intricate rhythmic work, experimental orchestration, distinct vocal lines, dense harmony, massive guitar, and drastic style changes that push the genre “progressive metal” to the limits.”

Imminence Records owner Amanda Caixeta added, “I think this single really represents the sound Sirens is going for. They really love to experiment with heavy, rhythmic metal and compliment it with relaxing ambiance. Their upcoming full length will push their boundaries even further; the guys plan to have a couple of songs with fast paced electronics and a couple with slow paced ambiance like in ‘Drone.’ We’re all looking forward to releasing this album.”

AuthorJordan Mohler