Pop punk seems to be one of the newer genre bandwagons that bands tend to jump on nowadays. But now you can start your own pop punk band with these easy tips!

1. Write about how bad it sucks to be in the friend zone

As one of the comments said, “they should’ve recorded this in a key a half step down from this. he’d have hit the notes much better. he just yelling most of the time now to hit his notes and it doesn’t fit this song too well.”

2. Take your band name from a better and bigger pop punk band

Clearly, they borrowed their name from the New Found Glory song of the same name. Which brings me to my next point..

Man Overboard; the only studio track on blink-182’s live album, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show. Obviously, other bands have taken their names from songs titles/lyrics of popular bands, but it seems to be more prevalent in the tr00 pop punk scene.

3. Describe your personal life in a song; where you live, what you eat, etc.

The Wonder Years do a damn good job at it as evident in the above song. The lyrics speak for themselves:

The casino seemed like a bad idea but Denny’s seemed like a worse one and I don’t think that we’d ever let that stop us. We ended up busted, broken and choking down a Grand Slam. I can’t think of a better way for the night to end cause we’re this generation’s Outsiders but we’ve got worse intentions and they’ve got better haircuts

4. If you love your friends, by all means, tell the world

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (who got their name from The Goonies) REALLY love their bro’s. So much, that they wrote a song about it. They also have a songs about MILF’s, but we’ll save that for another time. Did I mention they’re French?!

5. Plaid shirts and V-Necks are a necessity!

You wanna be dressed your Sunday best when your friend borrows his dad’s expensive camera to film your band’s first music video. It also helps if you can find some nice shirts at the thrift store or borrow some from a friend.