Neck Deep released their new EP for FREE download today and vocalist Ben Barclow has the lowdown on each track!

Up in Smoke

This one is pretty much a song to/about my parents and the many times I’ve done things that makes them lose their trust for me. It came after I got kicked out of university, which was a huge disappointment in their eyes. The song is kind of an apology but at the same time is expressing my frustrations in them, wishing they would see my side of things and stop being so uptight,

"I wish you’d see my point of view, you’re so uptight loosen your screws". We’re very different people, myself and my parents but at the same time I don’t know what I’d do without them, "when you’re gone, I’ll be broken, let it out, cut me open" explains that pretty well. It’s a weird one in terms of how personal it is, but at the same time I think everyone has experienced something like this, being a let down or having a hard time doing what they’re told/expected to do. 

Table’s Turned

This is purely a moving on song, about how the table’s turned in a certain situation. Rain in July is full of anguish about all these different things that happened with a particular someone, but now this explains more recent events and how it came to the time when I really had moved on. It’s really quite obvious, but that’s the way I wanted it to be.

It’s kind of therapeutic to write a song like this, laying to rest everything that happened, and that’s the intention with this one. It’s one last slightly bitter song to try and put an end to it all, at least from my side of things. 

Head to the Ground

This one is pretty much a little love song, but thrown in there are all the worries I have about myself, and my fear of fucking everything up. It’s really kind of explaining all the feelings of a new relationship, cute little quirks that everyone goes through, but once more counterbalanced with ‘I hope I don’t drag you down’ and 'I hope this can all work out'. Really it’s just about hoping that this new relationship can work out, and if it doesn’t it’ll be down to me!

The line "cuz I feel like myself when I’m running my head to the ground" is just about when you feel good because of a new relationship, even when there’s outside things that you’re struggling with (up in smoke), because that girl can help you out and keep your head on straight. It’s a cute one, a little weird too, but I’m sure people will see the meaning in there when they hear it!

AuthorJordan Mohler