In Her Own Words’ newest release “Everything I Used To Trust” is a great LP if you are looking for something new to add to your pop-punk/hardcore collection.

With sounds of A Day To Remember and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! this band has the potential to really bring something new to the table. The only problem with this LP is that with all this potential, it is clear that this band has room to grow. With their closing song “Continuity”, this potential is evident through their ability to take a different path than other pop-punk/hardcore bands do musically.

Their instrumentation is something that is more dynamic than most bands of this genre and should be expressed more often on this LP in order to differentiate themselves. Possibly the most important song on this LP is “Reverie”. This song wraps the album into one and if you are looking for a song to get you started into the LP, check it out. It shows their style of vocals and how they put a different spin on the traditional song structure in the pop-punk genre. Another notable song, “With or Without You” shows the hardcore side of the band. This song showcases their screaming as well as a bit more technical instrumentation. Although this aspect of the genre is not something new, the style of In Her Own Words has potential to be something that can really be different than other bands.

Regardless of the overall satisfaction, this LP has a very frustrating aspect to it. This band comes very close to being a band that can really stand out in the crowd, the only problem being that it falls short at this moment. The band has a lot of time to grow, this being only their third release. If they can mix the intelligence of “Continuity” into their main songs, they can really have a powerful sound and possibly change the pop-punk genre. At the end of the day, this is still a great LP. It has the traditional feel of a pop-punk album, but with a more original twist. Check out “Everything I Used To Trust” and be sure to stay in touch with what’s to come next with the band because they have the potential to create a revolutionary sound in the future. In the meantime, jam out to their newest release and look out for a show near you!

Rating 8.5/10