Emerging from what seemed to be a permanent hiatus, Oh, Manhattan returns with some new members, new material, and one hell of a story to tell. The hiatus began when key members, including Hance Alligood joining Woe, Is Me, left the band, but original vocalist and lyricist Donny Thomas has now officially rejoined. Donny is teaming up once again with guitarist Cody Gray, the two main writers of Spiritual Warfare, and the duo will be joined by returning guitarist Chris Branton as the only remaining members of Oh, Manhattan.

Joining them will be new members Will Turner (vocalist; ex-Some Mistakes), Tom Lovejoy (bassist; ex-Some Mistakes, ex-Latin For Truth) and Josh Landry (drummer).
The six-piece from Atlanta is currently in the lab with a pen and a pad already cranking out a new release which is to drop early this summer. The EP is titled A Generation in Peril and promises to be a powerful, lyrically driven record. The band is currently a free agent coming off of the release of Spiritual Warfare with Indianola Records, but time will tell where they will end up.

Oh, Manhattan will be returning to the national scene at this year’s South By So What Festival in Grand Prairie, Texas on March 16th and be sure to watch out for more regional dates leading up to the release of the new EP!

AuthorJordan Mohler