Well here it is, Silverstein’s new album “This is How the Wind Shifts.” This Canadian post-hardcore band has really out done themselves, even with their acoustics. This is definitely an album that Hopeless Records should be proud of. Even with their new lead guitarist, Paul-Marc Rousseau this album is a must listen. I would also like to thank Jordan Valeriote for producing such a great album. With this being Silverstein’s seventh studio album, I must say this album has to be my favorite.

From the clean vocals, into screams, to sick break downs, there’s no doubt that this album should be what Silverstein fans are listening to and begging to hear from them while they are on tour with guests, Issues, Glass Cloud, Secrets, and Like Moths to Flames. Silverstein’s front man, Shane Told said that the concept of this album is much like the one they released in 2009. (A Shipwreck in the Sand) This album contains fourteen new, ground breaking songs with a new sound that would please any Silverstein fan. On a scale of 10, this album gets a 9.5, I don’t see anything that this band could have done to further improve this album.

- AJ