I realize that it is human nature to turn everything into a competition, we as individuals strive to be the best (at least some do). So, natural music gets lumped in there as a competitive activity. However, It’s really fucking not. I swear there are days where I don’t want to listen to music, think about it, sing a song or dick around on my banjo because I’m so incredibly turned off by the idea of music. All because people turn it into something bigger than it really is,. Music is simple in my head, It’s sounds that invoke emotions, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger or arousal. It’s beautiful and brings something special to our lives, it’s the only reason we have ears…surely it’s not to listen to people talk; fuck that noise.

There are days I don’t want to listen to music because it’s so very boring. Bands are so afraid to try new things, to experiment, all because they are afraid of “falling behind”. If they can’t replicate that latest popular band, no one will like them. Again, fuck that noise. I’ve been in the local scene for a while now, I’ve seen so many bands come and go, only a handful of them ever stood out to me as truly original. That’s not to say that most aren’t good, It’s just a kudos to those bands that just said “fuck it,” and did what they wanted rather than worrying about “Are we synchronized?” “Will the pit open up to this breakdown” “This needs more pitch correction” “I need more effects on the screams”, ect, ect.

I guess my main pet peeve in the mess of this rant is shit talking. When music is turned into a competition, there seems to be an increase of shit talking. We are all guilty, I find myself battling with it. I have to make a conscious effort to think to myself, “Why am I jealous? They worked hard, they are good; good for them” for some reason this is hard for people to do. There is never any reason to shit talk someone, whether it’s because they have had more success then your or they are new to the scene and just trying to get better. I cannot stand those that bully the ‘newbies’. We have all been there, playing our first shows, scared out of our minds; just hoping everyone will like you. It sucks, it sucks more when ‘veteran’ are sitting in the corner bad mouthing and laughing.

I don’t know what the point of this rant is, I suppose that is the goal of a rant; get things off my chest and out for the whole inter-webs to see. This is directed to my fellow musicians, peers, friends. The funny things is that the people I would like to have see this the most, probably never will…because I don’t have them friend on facebook because they are shitty fucking people. The cocky, elitist, shit talking, douchebags that use music as just another step to climb up the social ladder.
Maybe some of my own friends will read this and find one or two things that apply to them and they will make conscious efforts to fix their own flaws. Maybe the point of this is to try and promote unity, support for one another and just a general awareness of the things I see. I don’t know, hopefully you got something out of this rambling.
It made me feel a little better.

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AuthorJordan Mohler