Music that can hype you up, or put you to sleep. Something that isn’t easily accomplished by many musicians, but If These Trees Could Talk seem to have perfected the art. Red Forest marks their third release, following their first, self titled EP and their first full length, Above The Earth, Below The Sky. 

ITTCT are a post-rock band, or as they like to call themselves: “Post-Whatever”. A fitting description, as they take the genre and add in their own unique signature ‘grittiness’ as I like to call it. To describe the album, it’s a difficult thing to do; it gives off a fantasy feeling to me. As if I’m aimlessly floating in space, watching chaos occur all around me. The record gives off such a calm, emotional feeling, followed by an explosion of sound. Now they are an instrumental only band, and this is something that seems to turn many people off of listening to certain artists. The lack of vocals however, is not something that should put anyone off, even if instrumentals are not exactly your cup of tea, the use of three guitars, in perfect harmony together easily makes up for the fact that there aren’t any vocals. In fact, this is one of those bands where every instrument compliments each other incredibly well. If you’re a fan of explosions in the sky, or other post rock bands, and have not heard of If These Trees Could Talk, I strongly recommend giving them a listen, in fact, I urge everyone to give these guys a listen. And also a personal preference of mine, which I believe others may enjoy also: this record is wonderful to listen to on long drives at night, or in the rain.   


- Christian

AuthorJordan Mohler