Looking to push for something different, Cardona are a five piece ambient/post hardcore/groove metal group pulling together an original/universal sound to connect with all listeners. With the release of their debut EP, “Our Thoughts Manifest This World,” the group quickly developed a stronger following in the following weeks after the release. With a new debut album “Seasons” topping the charts on Got-Djent.com with the single entitled “Seasons (ft. Daniel Adel)”, the band is quickly becoming an established name in the metal scene. Vocalist Samuel takes us through their new album, Seasons.


The first song on the album, this piece starts out talking about opening one’s mind. Accepting the fate of every man before you, one has to deal with the all the hate and stress the world offers. In order to even have a chance on this earth you have to be able to adapt to every challenging moment or you’ll be left in the wake.

Our Thoughts Manifest This World

Continuing the story, our thoughts is about using the collective mind force of all those alive to progress. With everyone going through life struggling with the same problems, we ignore the fact that people have similar problems. We go through life fighting a war alone. These “problems” that seem to be so overwhelming at times are universal. If we could just work together as a unit instead of individuals we would see that we could accomplish so much more, giving people hope for a better tomorrow.


Seasons is basically the theme of the album. Like being lost in a dream realm, this song show how disorienting life can be. One major incident from the past can send a person into a vicious cycle of hate and sorrow. The cycles play out like the seasons; starting off to face the problem in spring and you’ve already failed come fall. Having to cope with that failure or loss, winter can be devastating eye-opener to those that can’t beat the cycle. Many people lose hope when they realize the same problems that affect them last year continue to plague them. We just have to learn to buckle down and face our fears, which is where our song Ariadne plays in.


Ariadne is about perseverance. Everyone is on their own path trying to reach an end. All plagued by hardships, we must continue to press forward regardless of what falls and who falls around us. Sometimes all we have left is the sheer remembrance of the fallen to keep us going, but we cant allow ourselves to get caught up in the sorrow of their grief or you might as well be dead. In plainer terms, push forward no matter what, but don’t forget the one’s who’ve fallen around you trying to accomplish the same thing.


To me, this song is our heaviest on the album lyrically. The whole first section is saying how cold-hearted the world is. Some people live in a bubble and are completely oblivious. They just walk their path aimlessly, forgetting all the while that we should all be lucky to be alive. People get so caught up in griping about the day to day problems, that they lose sight of all the accomplishments they’ve made to get to the point they are currently at. For some it is going to take an extremely tragic or devastating event to awake them and appreciate what they once had.


Being the final song on the album, Atlantis wraps everything up. This song brings a closure to this constant struggle that has maintained itself throughout the album. From the beginning of the album you’ve been trying to figure out why all these terrible things have to happen to you, or why that one traumatic event is still eating away at you. By Atlantis you’ve come to the conclusion that any action, regardless of outcome, is in the past. There is nothing you can do to change what’s happened, so you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in cycle that’s only going to keep you stuck in the rut. We hold on to things that do nothing but hurt us, and wonder why we are depressed. In order to move forward you must turn around and let go. Being stuck in the past is only going to have you back where you started.