Days after the premiere of their breathtaking new video for “Dead Man,” Ohio rockers WOLVES AT THE GATE are pushing forward with yet another new track - "Safeguards" - from their debut full-length, Captors, out July 3rd on Solid State Records. 

With “Safeguards,” the band continues carving out a niche that is likely to eventually spring a waterfall of imitators - a refreshing take on a well trodded genre that has caused Solid State to dub WOLVES AT THE GATE (alongside label mates THE OVERSEER) as one half of “The New Breed” - the front runners in a new generation of post-metalcore heavy music.
Listen to ‘Safeguards’:
The track premieres hot on the heels of their recently released video for ‘Dead Man’ - a visually captivating tale of redemption told through a son’s post-mortem discovery of his father’s buried past.
Watch the video for ‘Dead Man’:
The follow-up to their touted 2011 EP We Are the OnesCaptors finds the band not only living up to but surpassing the huge potential recognized by critics and fans alike. No longer constrained by the limits of an EP, the members of WOLVES AT THE GATE were able to showcase the explosive growth of their songwriting, from luscious, melodic rock tracks to lip-splitting hardcore stomps.

Produced by Andreas Magnussen (OH, SLEEPER, HASTE THE DAY, etc), Captors is a blisteringly heavy full-length debut with the potential to appeal to every variety of rocker – from fans of metalcore to traditional metal to mainstream hard rock. It’s an album that  like those of some of the band’s influences (AS CITIES BURN, THRICE, FOO FIGHTERS, UNDER0ATH) –  avoids pigeonholes and easy labels. With the November 2011 release of We Are The Ones, the band wedged their way into a crowded heavy music scene. Now, with Captors, the band is kicking down the door and taking no prisoners.