Where most artists would be satisfied, celebrating their accomplishments and even resting, Lauren Evans refuses to stop. The Emmy nomination along with the 2 recent commercial releases is a great feat for most, to Lauren this is just the beginning. On October 16th Lauren released the 3rd single from her mixtape, this time offering us her beautiful rendition of True Colors. This song, which was made famous by Cyndi Lauper, fits Lauren’s voice like a glove.

Even though Lauren is new to the Indie Artist scene, her successful songwriting career has taught her a lot. The same tenacity she used to solidify her place as a hit songwriter is sure to bring her to the forefront of the music scene. Already releasing 2 singles this year, Lauren shows no sign of stopping. She plans on releasing her full mixtape in a few weeks.

When asked what’s next on her already full schedule, Lauren immediately talks about the upcoming shows planned in Los Angeles over the next few months. Judging from the great reception her many fans have given her, she will be performing to a full house. If you haven’t heard Lauren Evans sing, you are depriving your ears of love. If a sunrise had a voice, I’m sure it would sound like Lauren Evans’ cover of True Colors.

AuthorJordan Mohler