This week’s “Classic Bands and Why We Love Them” contribution is from Stars In Stereo.

When we first set out to write our album, we really used 30 Seconds to Mars’ vision as an inspiration for our own. The cult mentality that they have spun into a really positive movement for their fans is exactly what we want to see coming from our fans. When you go to a 30STM show, you really feel that movement building inside of their fans. Whether it be an emotional movement or a physical, collective wave of arms up and bodies jumping as high as they can, they really sell their message to their fans in a way that everyone in the room can get behind.

Not to mention the cinematic elements to their music. You can put on any one song of theirs, close your eyes, and find yourself lost in a very vivid scene of your own creation. When we write and when we play live, we aim to connect in a very similar fashion, it’s something we strive to do because it’s something that is incredibly important to us. We all grew up connecting to bands in the same way, and when we first heard This Is War, it brought us closer as a band as we could all relate to the music similarly, and it brought us closer to discovering our own unique vision and path.

AuthorJordan Mohler