Strychnia have a new EP coming out on May 14th and vocalist Kevin O’Laughlin has the lowdown on each track!

Reanimated Monstrosity
Bringing the band back! That’s what this song represents, as well as the EP. The band is the ‘Monstrosity’ and we’re bringing it back to life, or ‘Reanimating’ it. So we’re metaphorically portraying ourselves as this sickening beast and we’re rising from the dead to come back and just unleash hell and violence. We’re gonna “crush through the opposition” and nothing will stop us. Now that we’ve given you the idea, you can pretty much just read through the entire song and relate everything to our reform. We added in some gore because we love it, so the parts that John of Dying Fetus sings over, he’s basically talking about dethroning the enemy and killing them. “Spinal cord submission” can portray paralysis and “carving out the throat” can represent silence. Again, the whole idea behind this song is just coming back and destroying everything. We want to be on top of the NJ scene and eventually the fucking world!

War Sermon
The lyrics in war sermon are like the tortured screams of the oppressed peoples scattered across remote corners of our world. The innocent people that suffer under violent military regimes, or religiously corrupted governments. “Indoctrination reactivate” as in feed them lies, think as we think, do as we allow. “Lunatic prophets derange the poems,” meaning a person of power twisting the supposed holy words of god into a new meaning used to control others.

Unfortunately many people are similar to sheep that will follow a master and would never bite the hand that feeds them. “Faithless freedom seekers aim to shift the trend through violent means an upheaval crumbles monuments.” Some however, will rise up violent and strong against their oppressors, which is what’s depicted in those lines. Those at the top will always want to keep those at the bottom where they are. When it comes down to it, it’s for their own power and greed. “For power and greed the war sermon shall bleed.” The war sermon is the message of hate they preach to the people and hypothetically bleed on to them. BLEED!

This song is about an army of cybernetic abominations pulverizing a town and essentially taking over the world. Each abomination could be considered a “Killdozer” and we got really in depth describing their features and some of their actions. “Biomechanical mutations, synthesizing blood for fuel. Iron plates, seeping, human plasma…” We really wanted to create a vivid image in the readers head. These monsters are ripping apart the town and harvesting human remains and converting it into resources.

This was a really fun song to write, and we got the idea from an actual story about a guy who armor-plated a bulldozer and started cruising through his hometown and destroying buildings/houses of people who screwed him over. Obviously that’s not that interesting when you break it down but the concept of turning that into a fictional story and making it brutal for metal… that’s fucking cool!

Vengeance is sweet. This song describes a new method of execution or death penalty. Imagine a system, where criminals are killed by families of murder victims. So these criminals have ruined these people’s lives, and now they have a chance for redemption. Now obviously we had to spice this up a bit and make it fit our gore-themed style of writing. So we threw a little twist on it and described these families as if they’re savage beasts and they have NOTHING on their mind but the killing of these criminals. “Solitary confinement of their minds, Infesting urge to kill.”

We then took it further and described the actual killing of these criminals with some lines like “Feeding frenzy, dismemberment, blood for the masses!”. After they kill them of course they have to “disgrace the corpse” and do even more fucked up shit. Although this song is fictional, there are probably people out there who would love this concept! When things come up like the recent Boston bombings, shit like this comes to mind. If only they could throw those piece of shit terrorists into a “pit of hell”!

The fifth track on our EP is a Pantera cover so obviously I can’t do any explaining here.