Central Pennsylvania pop punks The Groundbreaking Ceremony are premiering their new music video today on Altpress.com. To view, “Eleventh and Bleecker” visit: http://www.altpress.com/aptv/video/video_premiere_the_groundbreaking_ceremony_eleventh_and_bleecker.

Front man Jonnie Baker says, “We had originally planned on releasing a “making of…” video a month or so back, but our focus shifted towards the music video itself, in the end. We shot for over 12 hours a day for three days straight right before we left for Warped Tour, and the video’s been in post for the last three months really going through the grinder. Maybe we’ll release one in the future using all of the extra footage we have. We really wanted to put out the absolute best music video that we could, and working with Don Hampton (our director) was an absolute treat. He’s such a big name in the action sports world and has such great artistic vision and attention to detail and connections, we just absolutely couldn’t have had a better film team behind us for this music video.

Camp Woodward really opened their arms to us, and played a huge part in making this video as great as it could be, and we can’t thank them, or Don enough. We look forward to working with them again in the future, and wanted to give a shout out and BIG thanks to everyone involved: Gary Ream, Dave Metty, Jeff Brockmeyer and Steve “Maverick” Haus from Camp Woodward, our film crew Michael Craven, Mark Stetzer, Jason Cline, Carley Greiner, Abbie Moyer, and Ken Grau. We also want to thank Gardy Raymond, our special effects editor/colorist — and of course Redbull — for going out of their way to give us wings when we were shooting for 12 hour days and needed it!”

AuthorJordan Mohler