Weighing in at a collective 780 pounds, standing 28 feet, 6 inches tall, and hailing from Northern Virginia is THE GOOD FIGHT. They bring aggressive, yet agreeable pop-punk into the ring, ready to take on all comers. Started in November of 2010 and reincarnated March of 2012, The Good Fight are currently running on their 2.0 operating system. With each member coming from different bands and different backgrounds, the guys were able to put their heads together and write an incredibly cliche bio to tell you their music kicks ass. With their melodic vocals, catchy leads, driving beats, and the occasional bone crushing breakdown, the guys, whether on stage or in the studio, will make sure they leave their fans with something they’ll remember.

Earlier this year, The Good Fight posted three songs online to tease fans of what was to come. The tracks – “I’m A Goddamn Marvel of Modern Science”, “Wendy Peffercorn”, and “We Should Have Fuckin’ Shotguns” – immediately reeled in Fort Charter Records. “The band was actually recommended to me by our first punk rock group, Like You To Me”, says Founder, Nathaniel Lay. “TGF was one of the bands being considered for their upcoming split EP, so I checked them out that night. I quickly fell in love with the songs they had, and have been jamming them nonstop for the past month now.”

Now that they’ve officially joined the label, The Good Fight kicked things off with the free download of their brand new, humorous “Santa Baby” cover. Listening to the song is like rewinding time some 10 years to old school Blink-182.

 The guys of The Good Fight – Eli Fiorillo (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Ben Conner (Guitar), Tyler Robinson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Tom Kelly (Vocals), and Spencer Mallinson (Drums) – are currently recording the three songs they will be contributing to the Like You To Me split EP (which is expected March 2013), as well as gearing up for the recording of their debut EP with Fort Charter Records. January/February may be the time for FCR metal bands (Voices & Vessels and Insult To Injury will be releasing new albums), but starting March, it will be time for nonstop punk rock craze!

“I’m so glad that the guys of The Good Fight have decided to join the family,” says Nathaniel Lay. “I knew I could trust Like You To Me to point me in the direction of some great bands, but I was still surprised by how many of them lived close by. When I went to meet with The Good Fight in Virginia, we had an excellent time. The band played me every single song they’ve written, and I just cannot wait to hear the rest of them recorded for all to hear. Not only that, the guys are just fun as fuck to hang with, which is important in my eyes. If you can’t hang with a band and have a good time, then what’s the point? The Good Fight are about fun, and their writing is incredible. They will easily make waves in the scene this coming year!”

The band is available for interviews if anyone would like to discuss the songs they’re recording currently (whether they be for the split EP or their debut EP). Contact information is below if you wish to set something up.

AuthorJordan Mohler