Let’s see what everyone’s been listening to this week. Do you have any good recommendations for us?



I saw the vocalist of this band filling for in Travis Richter after he departed The Human Abstract (RIP) last year. They are quite possibly the most talented and underrated unsigned band out there.

Like most people, I didn’t care for this band until they put out their Icarus Lives EP. So excited to see this band on Monday.
They’re on hiatus now but had a strong debut for being unsigned. You can hear their entire full-length album for free by clicking here
While not exactly underrated, Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda has been dominating my playlist.


In Mourning

Great experimental death metal band, their album The Weight of Oceans is filled with great riffs and great vocals. Each song lasts past the 4 minute range, but doesn’t overstay its welcome.  There is a lot of variety in their album, from cleaner, calmer sections, to some great heavier parts accompanied by equally great screaming.

Ever Forthright

An experimental metal band; similar to In Mourning. Their self-titled is an incredibly full album. Great use of cleans and harmonies. Also makes great use of variety in their album, excellent lead guitarist. They are a band that will appeal to a variety of people.

Polar Bear Club

To mix things up: Polar Bear Club.  They’re a wonderful modern day punk band. There is not much to say about them, other than listen to them.


Canadian band Structures, just an incredibly crazy band.  I have listened to their latest release Divided By, nearly daily.  The production is a bit too high, but they do work with their 7 String Guitars. The screamer is no slouch either, and the clean vocals thrown in compliment their songs so well. They are a very talented group of kids.

Enter Shikari

I recently caught them on their tour with LetLive and At The Skylines. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a very long time now, and they do not disappoint with their latest release; A Flash Flood of Colour. As the front-man Rou said it at the beginning of their almost two hour long set “Abusing music genres worthless boundaries since 2003”. What he says is true, they do abuse the boundaries, yet they do it with sophistication and class. I urge every band that wants to use dubstep in their music to take notes, because this is how you do it.

If These Trees Could Talk

Wonderful post-rock/ambient band. I reviewed their newest release, so I should not need to explain why people should listen to them. Just Do It.


And finally, Wolves. A technical metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Energetic and angry;  it’s just so beautiful. Head to their facebook page to get a free download of their EP “Dying”.

Note: If any band members would like to participate in our guest spot for recommendations on Fridays, feel free to hit one of us up for an open spot.