Earlier this year, Bleeding Through announced they were breaking up. This tour is their Farewell to The United States Tour.

First up were Gideon (Sworn In couldn’t make the show). This was 4th time seeing them (2nd with the new singer) A fight broke out during their second song. The asshole ended up get arrested, thankfully. It’s always funny when people think they’re tough shit for going to shows and picking fights. Their guitar tones and breakdown reminded me of Volumes for some reason. Some “hardcore” chick came out and did guest vocals on the last song; sounded a bit weak though.

Oceano were up next; plenty of hardcore dancers for them. Same can’t be said for the mosh pit action though. They put on a good show but I felt like all their songs blended together. Adam’s vocal performance was on point though. It’s interesting to note he doesn’t actually warm up before going on stage at all.

After a short intermission, Winds of Plague took the stage. Johnny, the vocalist, was dressed up as Bane from The Dark Knight Returns. It was more or less a budget version though. They played a mix of old and new songs, my favorite being “One Body Too Many” from their album, Decimate The Weak. On their next to last song, Say Hello to The Undertaker, (I think that was it) they filmed it for a music video. And of course the crowd went nuts when they heard that and did their best to get their faces seen.

Bleeding Through, one of the last great metal bands, graced the stage playing a 16 song set. They opened the show with Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire from their third album. “This is Love, This is Murderous”. Brandan mentioned his first experience in Atlanta when they played a record store. He was chewing gum while talking on the phone and the gum happened to pull one of fillings out. He said it was one of the worst pains ever; not to mention he had play a show 10 minutes later. Near the end of set, Brandan was giving a heartfelt farewell speech of sorts but some asshole had to be THAT guy who keeps talking while someone is being serious. He was noticeably pissed, so the band skipped right to their last song, Kill to Believe. RIP Bleeding Through (1999-2013_

AuthorJordan Mohler