The solo project of James Dewees (The Get-Up Kids), Reggie And The Full Effect have gone back to old roots to the same stupid stuff they’ve always done. Yes, they. Although Dewees is the main man, he gets extra personnel from friends or he uses alter-egos on several tracks. For fans of RATFE, you would obviously know this.

If you have just discovered him/them, at least you now know. ‘No Country For Old Musicians’ is RATFE’s sixth studio album and is one that turns away from the previous album, which many fans disliked due to it taking on a darker, more serious tone as opposed to the stupidity that the first few albums had, and instead just goes back to how it used to be. When you press play, the stupidity begins.

The intro track is nothing more than a fourty second intro that feels like and old western film. That changes once the album kicks in and the stupidly titled track ‘Super Croc VS. Mega Doosh’ plays. It is as stupid in lyrics as the title suggests but yet the sound is that of Indie Rock. It is slightly grainy in sound but that adds to the effect of the album. The guitars are simple, as is everything else but the track is still a great little piece of groovy vibes.

The album progresses through yet more stupidity with tracks ‘Revenge Is A Dish Best Served At Park Chan-Wook’s House’, ‘Gimmie Back My Leg’, ‘Who Needs Another Drank?’, ‘Sundae, Booty Sundae’, ‘To The Fruit Wizards Of Donnington’ and ‘Danka Shane’. Each track is something new, ranging from something like Industrial to Rap to Electro-Pop, Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk… you name it, it will be in here somehow. It is a great mix however, keeping the album fresh and making you intrigued by the variation of sounds and the silliness of the album as a whole. Everything works, the guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and the vocals fit every song so well.

Alter egos of James, guest appearences from Floppy Disk-0 and popular alter-egos Fluxation and Common Denominator are here too, adding both to the stupidity of the album and also keeping the overall feel of the album going throughout. The album is mixed well and has been carefully handled, apparently the fan fundraising really did help the production of this album. Everything can be heard and it is something that is unique in these modern times, with everything being explored in great depth whilst still being that silly piece of heaven it is.

So then, James is back to his old ways, alter-egos, stupid song titles and everything else. Although the album is silly, it is still something so different, exploring all sorts of musical genres showing us that James is able to create versatile music for people to enjoy. This isn’t something for everyone, no doubt fans of the heavier music will miss the point behind the album, but yet it should please the die hard fans and could help gain some new fans. I personally am happy with this album.

As a whole, it is a great listen and provides a few laughs throughout letting me know that RATFE are back to their old roots again. James, you’ve only gone and done it again.


- Asa