Strychnia's new EP “Reanimated Monstrosity” is easily the most impressive set of songs to come from a band of this stature. Not only is the quality extremely good but these songs hold up and greatly surpass any other band in this genre of music.

The hard hitting guitar solos, fast paced blast beats, and gut-wrenching screams that are showcased in these songs will surprise any listener that they are coming from a local-sized band. This collection of music represents a perfect execution of a thrash metal sound as well as technical skill.

One song that can speak for the band’s sound as a whole would be “War Sermon”. This song has a classic metal feel, but with a modern thrash spin put to it. It sums up the EP as a whole and really rolls the band’s sound into one song. Another song to make a note of is the title track and opener “Reanimated Monstrosity”. Not many openers can excite and immerse the listener as deeply as this one. It energizes and immediately addicts the listener to the powerhouse sound that this band brings to the table.

When it comes to criticisms…well that’s just it. I couldn’t find any. I always want to give a band a fair review from an objective standpoint and to be honest about the good parts and the bad parts no matter how much I like the band or enjoy the genre, but I just don’t have any complaints about this EP. I was very apprehensive when I saw the ending song to be a Pantera cover, but it fits in perfectly with the rest of the fluid synergy of this EP. Every song has a consistent style to it and an easy distinction.

Whether you are a thrash fan or not, this album is easily one of the best EP’s of the year and one of the best modern thrash sets out there. Coming out of a local band from NJ, this is more than impressive. From the well crafted songs to the pure mind-blowing skill that this band ties into the structure of their sound; they really bring a refreshing style to the table of modern metal. Hats off to these guys, and keep an eye out for them.


- Nic