Abandoned By Bears new EP release “Bear-Sides” ranks itself among the styles of bands like Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and A Day To Remember.

With their catchy pop-punk choruses and metalcore breakdowns they have proven themselves to adequately mimic the sounds of an all too familiar pop-punk/easycore band. Any fans of Chunk or ADTR will enjoy the easygoing feel that the band radiates with songs like “We Can Break Loose” and “You Need To Stick Up!”, but lose an important sense of originality.

Although the band has a very similar sound to other bands of the genre, they break apart from the group slightly with their heavy use of synthesizer that can be heard in every song. This instrument gives a solid reinforcement and a creative touch to the otherwise generic sound of the EP. Overall, the instrumentation of the EP doesn’t prove to set itself that far apart from bands of the same field; the guitar riffs and chords are some that can be found in almost every other pop-punk band out there, and the drums don’t prove themselves to do any more than follow the minimum synchronizing.

Even without a separating element, the band can still find a place for pop-punk/easycore fans. Listeners of the genre will be content with the upbeat and major sounds of the catchy melody lines and unsurprising breakdowns. The release of this 4-song EP (one song being “INTRO”, a 38 second instrumental) gives a good look into the band’s consistent sound. Fans of the genre should definitely check it out if they are looking for the familiar sound of clean singing melodies and basic breakdowns.

Rating: 6.5/10

- Nic