A “lost” interview (done by Jordan M) from their spring headliner with Job for A Cowboy. Sorry for the delay guys.

Between the Buried and Me are currently doing a US headliner with label mates Job for A Cowboy and The Ocean following the release of their new EP, “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues”  which represents BTBAM’s musical and conceptual masterwork; the record showcases both the quintet’s vivid execution and ambitious vision. The otherworldly conceptual thread linking each of the songs is mobilized around two human characters that live in different planes of existence and are separated by millions of light years, each confronted with similar personal issues. Subsequently, both characters make decisions that will change their lives, and perhaps the course of the universe, forever.  Musically, the release presents aura-rich atmospheres rife with roaring volumes, corrugated rhythms and trance-inducing intricacies. Cerebral and visceral, soft and heavy, melodic and abrasive, tender and brutal, familiar and strange and taut yet sprawling and epic, Between the Buried and Me have crafted a sound that is musically sophisticated yet primal and a disc where every new passage leads to the culmination of an epic adventure. I talked with vocalist Tommy about the concept behind their EP and future endeavors after their current tour.

Please state your name and role in the band.

Tommy Rogers; I sing and play keyboards.

What is the story and theme behind The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues?

It’s an introduction into two men’s lives. They live on separate planets in separate time periods.; they have many connections between each other. As of now, the connections are mainly through dreams and actions and we will find out their purpose on the the next record. Both men made drastic decisions in their lives and they are both on journeys that will affect each of their lives and the outcome of humanity. The story starts where The Great Misdirect ends. Most of the EP the men are alone and a lot of the dialogues they are having with themselves are the result of how crazy you go when constantly alone.

How did the dynamics in terms of writing change for this record?

Musically, we wrote how we always write. We started from scratch and built till the record felt complete. We spent a lot of time on connecting certain themes in the record and making it flow like a story would. Lyrically, it was very different because i’ve never written a record that i have to stay within one storyline. It’s good to do things differently; keeps you creative.

What were some of your inspirations for writing the EP?

We just felt like it was time to do a concept record. We have a new label and some exciting plans on the horizon. The biggest inspiration was our fans; we wanted to show them that we still can kick some ass.

What song changed the most during the recording process of the EP?

We are a bunch of perfectionists. They all get changed a lot when we write. We record everything as we write, and we always sit back on things and come back to change them for the better. I can’t think of one song that was changed more than the others.

If you had to describe the band to someone who has never listened to you before, what would you say?

Hmm… a heavy band that isn’t afraid to experiment. If you want something to sing along to, bang your head, and keep you on your toes, we are the band for you.

Any chance you’ll re-record/remaster some old albums?

Who knows; we haven’t really thought about that honestly. Never say never. Man, Justin Bieber ruined that statement for me. What a dickhead.

Who do you want to tour with, but haven’t yet?

Justin Bieber, haha. Nah, I would love to tour with Soundgarden now that they are playing again. But their fans would hate us, haha.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

I think our songs are a lot more elaborate now. With each record, we grow as musicians and people and I think it shows. We really inspire each other to become better when we write together. I think the longer we are a band, the more we are into trying new things. You only live once, ya know?

What kind of band do you expect to be in 10 years?

Who knows! Hopefully, a band that people still listen to.

Any music videos planned at all, or will that be saved for the full-length?

Probably saved for the full length. No talk of it yet.

Do you guys plan on making another live DVD once the second part of The Parallax is released?

I assume we will one day; haven’t talked about it.

Is there anything lined up after the current tour? Any big summer festivals, etc.

We are going to write some this summer, then go overseas in September/October then another US tour later in the year.

Any memorable tour experiences?

Our bus driver beat up a crackhead in Vancouver. He tried to come on our bus and steal a bunch of shit. Then he tried to break in our bays… we first told him to leave, then he pushed our driver and it was over for him after that.

What are your most anticipated albums for 2011?

The new Devin Townsend records! He has two, and I’m so excited for them to come out. I also sang on one of them!

Pick two songs ; if I was gonna check out Between the Buried and Me for the first time after reading this interview, what songs would you recommend I check out?

Hmmm.. White Walls, and Fossil Genera.

Do you plan to have an ending for the story for the next LP, or will it be open-ended?

There will be an end. Wouldn’t leave you hanging like that!

Any last words for the fans?

Thanks for jamming the tunes!