Frank Turner will be releasing a book titled Photosynthesis documenting life on the road.

Matt Nasir (of the Sleeping Souls) and I have been working on a book of behind-the-scenes photography. I say “we” have been working on it, but it’s mostly his blood, sweat and tears here. Matt has been carrying a camera around backstage with us on tour around the world for the last few years and constantly snapping away. In the process he has captured not only some truly stunning individual shots, but also a pretty unique and intimate portrait of what it’s like to be on tour with me and my band. I’ve written up a lot of text to explain the story and contextualize everything.

The book is entitled “Photosynthesis”, and, having seen a proof of it, I think it’s really quite ace. We are going to have the first copies available to buy at the Wembley show; details of where you can get them from thereafter will be published as soon as I get them. But for now, yeah, here’s something to look out for.

AuthorJordan Mohler