Cleveland residents CHIMAIRA have posted a video that reveals album artwork, track listing and 30 second song clips from their forthcoming album.

CHIMAIRA will release “Crown Of Phantoms" on July 30th, 2013. The band’s seventh studio LP has already started collecting its fair share of accolades.

"Tracks like ‘No Mercy,’ ‘Plastic Wonderland’ and ‘Spineless’ are absolute slayers that will surely impress longtime fans and newbies alike, and bring that classic ‘I Hate Everyone flavor’ we’ve all grown to love." - Revolver Magazine

1. The Machine
2. No Mercy
3. All That’s Left Is Blood
4. I Despise
5. Plastic Wonderland
6. The Transmigration
7. Crown Of Phantoms
8. Spineless
9. Kings Of The Shadow World
10. Wrapped In Violence
11. Love Soaked Death

AuthorJordan Mohler