Answer all 10 questions correctly and email them to Five winners will be chosen to win a pair of tickets to see Bring Me The Horizon at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on Sept 25th! Winners will be announced on Wednesday!

1. This song came out in 2004, on the album Adoration, it was for quite some time believed to have been a Bring Me the Horizon song. What song is it?

2. Ian Sykes, (Oli’s dad) got his first ever tattoo; what was it?

3. Where did the band get their name from?

4. What band is Jona Weinhofen originally from?

5. What two artists did guest vocals on “There is a Hell..”?

6. What is the concept behind the video for “The Sadness Will Never End”?

7. Where did the song “Football Season Is Over” get its title from?

8. “Who Wants Flowers When You’re Dead? Nobody.” is a quote from what book?

9. What was the song “Liquor & Love Lost” was originally known as?

10. Who is the song “Blacklist” about?