Beartooth, the new hardcore outlet featuring former Attack Attack! frontman Caleb Shomo have announced a string of one off’s dates that will not take the group to any music venues, but will take them to fans’ living rooms.

"I don’t care where I play a show as long as its intimate" said Shomo. "And I don’t know how shows can be more intimate than in somebody’s house! I’d rather play to 50 people going crazy and truly experiencing the music how it was meant to be experienced than playing for 5,000 people who can’t get to the mic and sing, get on the stage and go crazy, then jump off and be caught by their friends and can’t hang out with us.".

The group caused a stir and a demand with the release of their latest live video for their current single “I Have A Problem” which showcased what the bands live show consisted of, stage dives, high fives and broken ceiling fans.

3/22- Greencastle, IN @ Chris Vance’s House
3/23- Greenfield, IN @ Main Street House
4/19- Grayson, KY @ The Bagby Brickhouse
4/20- Lexington, KY @ Alan’s House
4/26- Kent, OH @ Checkers
4/27- Toledo, OH @ Frankie’s [Venue]
5/3- Erie, PA @ Valerio House
5/17- Willis, MI @Jeremy’s House

AuthorJordan Mohler