Kingsport, TN alt rockers Wretches are set to releasetheir Self Titled debut EP this Friday, May 25, 2012. The band, which features drummer Kevin Lane (ex-Whitechapel) behind the kit, is a complete DIY endeavor and the EP has been a work in progress for almost 2 years now. Suffice it to say the guys are super excited to finally be releasing it this week. The EP will be available in both physical and digital formats via the Wretches banddcamp page, though physical copies are extremely limited. Pre-orders are currently available and come with an immediate 2 track download consisting of the first single ‘(Han) Shot First’, and the mastered version of ‘Future Habits’.

Kevin had the following to say about the band, “Wretches came about all with the good intentions of just playing music to play music; nothing more, nothing less. May 25th sets forth the first release for the project that Scotty Rutherford and I formed in 2010 after I had been filling in on drums for one of his other projects. The songs all started out as just a way to kill time and have fun. Once we joined up with our close friend Brandon Dao, wrote some more songs and threw finishing touches on the rest, we concluded that we’d rather get these songs out in some form or fashion rather than sit on them. Months down the road we acquired the vocal talents of our friend Tino Molinari (thanks to our good friend Anthony at RebelPyro Management), which gave a new vibe to everything that we had done and threw a beautiful wrench in the gears of our narrow-minded idea of what it should sound like.We’re all very excited to finally have the privilege to release these tracks out to everyone and hope that while you listen in the confines of your room with headphones, down the street in your car, or wherever it may be….that you can enjoy listening as much as we have creating. My love and appreciation goes out to all that have helped make this record happen.”
Wretches' EP Track List:
1. Young Coves
2. Tigers in Space
3. Future Habits
4. Seagrave
5. (Han) Shot First
6. Cynic
7. Witching Hour
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AuthorJordan Mohler