A message from the frontman:

This is massive news for Voice of the Soul and something that we have seen coming for a while, but we took time to make sure this would be a sound decision to make. After establishing the band in Kuwait in October of 2007, we will be relocating to Dubai, almost 5 years after the inception of Voice of the Soul. There was not a single event or reason that triggered this move…it was more of a buildup that eventually made this decision the best thing in our interest. For the first time in a long time, we’ve made a decision that is practically “zero-risk”. Long story short, none of us live in Kuwait anymore.

Monish and Khalid currently live in Dubai, and while I spend most of my time in Boston, my family has left Kuwait to another country in the region. With all our shows the past couple of years taking place in Dubai, it just seemed like a better idea overall. Things are not getting better in Kuwait for extreme metal, and none of us see it that way for a very long time. While we’ve been fitting in comfortably among various Dubai fans and supporters who we’ve gotten to know for the past couple of years, this is an exciting new start… Kuwait will always be a special place for us, especially for Monish and myself. We wouldn’t be who we are if it wasn’t for our experiences in Kuwait, both good and bad. Regardless of where you (the reader) is reading this from, I seriously encourage you to look into bands and artists in Kuwait, There is so much potential, and we wish them all the best! Keep supporting your local scene – regardless of the how bad the situation might be, be proud to represent what your hometown/city has to offer! Kuwait – we will be back – once we’re allowed to play shows again. Finally: A big thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us on this interesting journey! This is just the beginning!

- Kareem

AuthorJordan Mohler