Victory Records’ Summer 2013 music sampler is now streaming on YouTube. Watch and listen to this interactive video here.

The Summer sampler features COUNTERPARTS’ newest single “Wither” from their upcoming album, The Difference Between Hell And Home, along with new tracks from THESE HEARTS and ERIMHA. Pre-order packages are available at 

1.      TEAR OUT THE HEART “Infamous Las Words”

2.      SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE “Will You Meet Me In The Graveyard”

3.      THE BUNNY THE BEAR”In Like Flynn”

4.      TERROR“Hard Lessons”

5.      CONTINENTS“Idle Hands”

6.      THESE HEARTS – ”Miserable”

7.      AS THEY BURN “Dream Collapse”

8.      CLOSE YOUR EYES“Valleys”

9.      EMMURE“Protoman”

10.   SEEKER“She” (DEMO)

11.   COUNTERPARTS“Wither”

12.   FALL CITY FALL“Lovebirds”

13.  THE ROYALTY“Won’t Be Long”

14.   SILVERSTEIN“Smashed Into Pieces”

15.   HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS“Ohio Is For Lovers”

16.  ERIMHA“Verdict Of The Soul”