In December of 2008, some bored and crazy metal heads from lower Austria found together and decided to found a new metal-band, the exact genre couldn’t be decided by then. Every one of them brought their own influences and also every member grew with the experiences of the others. The first few songs were created rapidly and with every new song; the demands grew bigger and bigger. After many rehearsals and some pretty alcoholic-fueled band-evenings, the members of Upon A Red Sky became very good friends and as soon as enough songs were written, they were ready to crush the stage and confront their fans with melodic parts as well as devastating breakdowns and percussive vocals. Today, Upon A Red Sky describe their music as a mix of metal and hardcore with some melodic-deathmetal influences, short: melodic deathcore. So become part of the Upon A Red Sky mosh-crew and visit their intoxicating shows, you won‘t regret it.

AuthorJordan Mohler