Transit will be performing their albums in their entirety at select shows with support from The American Scene.

Hello all,

I was looking at some old show flyers the other day, and I realized that it has been close to six years since Transit began our musical endeavors. We’ve toured the United States over ten times, traveled across the pond to the UK and Europe three times, went up to Canada three times, and we just took our first trip to Australia. We’ve released three records, three Eps, three 7” records, and a split. It’s been a long run.

After a little nostalgia, we decided we wanted to do something to celebrate the existence of the music we’ve been creating.

We are doing five shows in which we play our newest record “Listen & Forgive” in its entirety, as well as our “Stay Home” EP. These shows will be in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

On the weekend of October 26-27th we will be doing something very special. When we started our band, we played countless shows every weekend in VFW halls, churches, and basements all across the North-shore. We want this weekend to feel like when we first started playing songs off of “This Will Not Define Us” and covering Kid Dynamite and Saves the Day in our friends living rooms. We will do two shows at the TUMC in Tewksbury, MA- a venue we used to play all the time in our teenage years. On the first of these two nights, we will play our records “This Will Not Define Us” and “Keep This To Yourself.” On the second, we will play “Listen & Forgive” and “Stay Home.” An amazing band from CA, The American Scene, will join us for all of these shows. We have repressed “This Will Not Define Us,” “Stay Home,” and “Keep This To Yourself” for these shows. This is a very special situation for us, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Tickets for the 26-27th @ TUMC in Tewksbury, MA will go on sale Monday, September 24th.


Tim, Joe B, Torre, PJ, and Daniel.