Reckless - EP (Album Artwork)

Wired For Havoc released their new EP - “Reckless" February 10, 2013 and now, lead vocalist/guitar player, Andrew Conner has the lowdown on each track!

Sword & Shield

This is a song I wrote about faith. Not necessarily faith in a particular God or belief, but faith in general. As I was writing Sword & Shield, I wanted everybody to be able to relate to it whether they’re religious or not. Sword & Shield is really about anybody who has felt alone at times and even lost to the point of being scared but knowing that invisible force, whether it be a “God”, a person or a powerful feeling will be there to lift you back up. To me personally, this song is about my faith in God and how I believe he has helped me get through different trials in life when I have felt alone.


Anchor is a song about being held back or being held down by others from the things you want to accomplish in your life. It’s funny because when most people hear this song for the first time, they think it’s a cute love song because of the last line in the chorus, “I’m the ship and you’re the anchor to me” which is probably one of the catchiest parts in Anchor in my opinion. Everyone that we’ve talked to at our shows think that it’s talking about a girl and somehow relating it to love or something completely different which I don’t really understand. This song could be about a girl but it could also be about a boy, your parents, your teachers or your boss. This song talks about people in general that hold you back from your full potential and getting in your way. They are the Anchor in your life and they keep you from moving forward.

The World…

Now, this one is one of our softer songs on the EP. I remember over a year ago that I was online watching videos on YouTube when I came across a video of a little boy in Africa, about 6 or 7 years old, carrying an AK47. I just sat there and pondered, just thinking to myself that this is the only thing this boy knows. That this kid has been brain washed by whoever handed him that gun and who knows what he has already seen or experienced. That’s when the line “The world we know revolves around our hearts” popped into my head. That line can pretty much sum up the meaning of this song. Everyday, people get killed out of others from greed and selfishness. There are people out there who think the world revolves around them and are seriously willing to hurt others to obtain what they want. The World… is just about trying to better yourself and realizing not everything is going to be perfect, but you can make a difference if you put your heart into it.

From My Heart to My Hands

This song is my favorite “lyric wise” off the EP. I wouldn’t say that each song I write are based off of events that have happened to me, they are either motivated or inspired. I like to write about different scenarios someone might encounter. Anyways, I wrote this song after I got in a huge fight with somebody close to me. It’s about feeling sorry for the things you have said and done. The song talks about how you would do anything for someone to prove you care and that you’re loyal. The chorus of the song, “Tell me if I need to be more penitent, I’ll bleed my heart out to my hands” really shows that emotion that I want to portray.


So, this is the last song off of our EP and in the song Colorado, some might say that it’s considered a “love song” but in reality, It’s about living far away from somebody you really care about. I really like this song because many people can relate to this sort of scenario. As I was in the process of writing Colorado, I pictured a guy who went crazy for a girl that he’s known his whole life. Unfortunately, this girl moves far away. They both still keep in touch everyday and they even visit each other once in a blue moon, but I can just see that guy sitting on his floor staring at pictures of her and feeling the pain of reality hit him knowing that things could be different but they aren’t. Knowing that, “This story ends” and my personal inspiration for writing this song is Colorado.

AuthorJordan Mohler