Upon A Red Sky frontman Chris Breetzi takes us through the band’s new EP In A Crisis. Buy the album (if you haven’t already) and read the descriptions below:

After The Catastrophe
The first song on our EP is about the instability of our current global financial system. Latter is visualized as a big tower that could collapse every second, due to the fact that so many people doing shit with money (“Everybody is poking him”). When the tower collapses, money is worthless (“Your hive turns into dust”) and we’ll all be buried in his debris. History proved that we can’t change this system, so we rebuild the tower with the same fatal vulnerability (“We’ll rebuild you with the same unstable heart”).

"Misused" is in general about the exploitation of religion. People are following pseudo leaders ("Thousands of victims running into open arms") and think that everything commanded and told is for the sake of worshipping god ("Stealthed as Dedication To him"). I wish everyone of them the power to reveal the real motives of their leaders ("Look through the facade, exposing your leader") and go back into the right direction again ("..that deceive you from the truth that lies somewhere out there. Find out what lies beneath.")

The topic of “Parasite” is the pollution and exhausting of mother earth. The first paragraph of the song is similar to an old Indian saying that describes that when the whole nature is gone - we finally realize that we can’t eat our money. And that’s the picture that I had in my mind when i wrote the second paragraphs. A human being sitting on a huge hive of money (“Sitting upon your own green gold”), inhaling the polluted air(“and you can inhale your industrial’s breath”) and eating it because there’s nothing else left. As I personalize the earth into a mother, its obvious that we’re treating her really bad (“Raping Mother Earth”) and that we’re mutilating her organs e.g. the rain forest (“Her green heart was ripped out of her chest”). Humanity on earth is pretty much the same as a parasite - if we would have such a parasite on our body, we would instantly react and eradicate him.

Our song “Kingslayer” is about the riots going on in the whole arabic world. Finally people have the power and the courage to stand up and say no to their tyrans. I imagine the people storming the golden palace (“We’re shattering your walls”) of the despot and then destroying his monument in a physical and mental way (“And break your monument of fear”). The country is finally freed from its shackles, but its a long way to a working democracy (“Your reign is over, let us rebuild a country in ashes”).

In A Crisis
Our classic “In A Crisis” is about the financial crisis. In this song the financial crisis is portrayed as a monster that threatens the world (“Holding the ball with its huge pranks”). Another topic are human beings doing wrong things with their money (“Lots of green paper implying responsibility, responsibility misleading into distrust”). The ironic thing is that we want to extinguish the crisis with the money itself - which is the cause of this problem (“Try, to fear the monster with itself away”). Only the symptoms are being fought (“Not digging under the surface Not destroying the core”). But in the end we have to trust in our leaders, because we have no other choice (“We’re trusting in the the responsibles again and again and again and again”).