Through Redemption frontman Justin Allen takes us through the band’s upcoming EP, Your End Awaits. The EP will be available April 13th, 2012.

Habitual Ataraxia
The first song on our “You End Awaits EP” is more or less about a person suffering from substance abuse. It’s something that myself and most kids have to grow up dealing with. The song kind of flips between a childs point of view (watching a loved one battle with alcoholism.) and a drunken conversation between a man and himself. Discussing his life choices and how alcohol has consumed his life.

Rise is the second song on the EP, it centers around how the human race takes everything for granted. A person who is in perfect health will waste everything for a high or a rush. People throw away life as if we have more than one.

Your End Awaits
Your End Awaits is the title song on the EP. It is about how as much as we try to act different; we are nothing more than animals, we can’t govern the planet. Things will go as they want. We can’t stop murder, rape, drug abuse, adultery, etc. The only way for there to be a perfect civilization is for it to cease to exist.

AuthorJordan Mohler