Exploding Horse blends all their favorite styles of metal into their songs and keeps their music and stage show full of epic, over the top energy and aggression that is unmatched by most. Exploding Horse appeals to all metal crowds ranging from new school metal core kids to the old school die hard thrashers and moshers. Their music is not for the weak of heart, for the simple-minded, or for anybody who does not want to totally fuck their neck up, and it does not matter the reasons behind their recent name change. Do not be thrown off by some of the titles they have given their songs – Blonde Mustache, Turbo Tommy, The Great Mechanical Pig – for these names do not dive into the music deeply enough. You have to listen to each of them and feel all the passion, rage, and disturbing similarities to ourselves to truly know where these guys come from. The Carolina’s metal scene is for sure alive and well, and the music I had lost touch with for so many years has come back into my life with the exact sound that Exploding Horse brings to my mind when thinking of where the aura of death metal had gone. Download their record here and check out the video for C.A.C. Vocalist Brennon explains the meaning of each song on their debut record.

Blonde Mustache

This song is about how no matter what form a culture comes in there is always a generic trendy version of it polluting it, making it look bad, and becoming more popular. Whether  its pop icons on MTV or phony punk rockers who wanna fit in for the sake of fashion. No  matter which form they come in, it reflects that these people would just follow some bandwagon even if they weren’t into what there into at the time. The song also mentions how famous people are basically worshipped in our society today in all of these avenues. The title of the track is unrelated but is an inside joke on how creepy dudes look with just a blonde mustache. I am one of these poor souls that only grows a blonde mustache.

Turbo Tommy

This song is about how much television has influenced society. Television alone has been the source of people’s fear of the world due to the news they watch. It has told people what to look like and what type of music they should like. It plays on insecurities telling people what they should own to make them happy or make them “fit in”. It has also dictated the standards of beauty from a mainstream level and set high standards for how woman should look and dress to be considered attractive. It is also responsible for racial profiling and a high cause of racial tension and slander of various figures in the world. The planet would be a totally different place had this device not been invented. People believe what it says and live by the beliefs they’ve gained from half information and embellishment. No need to research anything because T.V. provides it much quicker and is the supposed truth. The title of this song is also unrelated to the lyrics and is about a bizarre kid that Sam went to school with named Tommy that would run very awkwardly, from what I’ve been told.

Queen of the Parasites

This song is about an evil insect warlord queen who has become a terrorist in the parasitic world. She sends her minions into battle to overthrow other kingdoms and build her empire. The throne that she sits on is made of the exoskeletons of passed dictators she’s defeated.


This song mildy touches on a few thing such as corrupt politicians and politics in general. I see all of these things as very spoonfed and forced distortedly into our lives as something we’re suppose to care about. Not that its wrong to care about these things but the information we’re receiving has been so distorted that it’s not as black and white as it should be. It makes it seem like you’re not a “normal person” if you don’t get involved and I’m not down with that. The song also touches on how we are being flooded by sales pitches at all angles of
life. There are commercials everywhere TV, radio, pop ups, billboards, stickers, clothing etc. As we are being flooded with this there is a second flood gate that opens and that is the ignorance of man that falls for these schemes. There are also a few references to war in this song and what it does to a person. Whether you have fought in a war, known some one to fight, got killed in one, known some one to get killed, or just heard about it. War effects every one  some are bred for it and it becomes a part of your soul so that’s why I say in the song that
“war becomes the soul of man”. To summarize this song its basically about all this stuff and how I see it as being things I don’t want to take part in or have be a part of my life so I jumbled it together because it secondhand is a part of my life anyway. I personally wanted the song title to be an acronym that had no meaning but its really just based of a dumb joke that we should have called the song “Cheeseburger Ass Cannon”. So there ya go.


This song is about how young people are perceived as targets by marketers for easy manipulation by telling them what they should purchase and be like. It also reflects the world that a kid is thrown into in this day and age and how it molds them faster than they can mold themselves with distractions like drugs, cell phone apps and various perversions. It kinda talks about how Americans are very spoiled and other countries needs are getting disregarded because we’re to focused and worried about things like our bank accounts and having sex. I see this
generation as one that has no desire for revolution because every one is pumped full of Mickey D’s and Xanax. And if people don’t make a change then we shall continue to de-evolve. Like a social form of decomposition.

Land of the Manatees

The song title of this track does not fit with lyrics whatsoever. The lyrics are also not serious at all because when the song was written it was back when our band was just a side project so those things just weren’t looked at as seriously at the time. The title is based off of the observation that since manatees are called sea cows then would that mean that cows should be called “land manatees”; that’s all there is to that. The lyrics are about the old school Nintendo game Ninja Gaiden from the perspective of the main character Ryu. We even changed the title of this song for the lyrics but changed it back because it was more known with the manatees title.

Bullet Proof Fridge

This song is mostly metaphor and allegory and can be interpreted however the reader sees it. Most of it isn’t straight forward but kind of hints at man’s creations turning against him or getting out of hand. It was influenced by a lot of the allegory found in various religious texts but with my own perspective in my own universe. There is one part that mentions how cadavers will rise from there graves but not to feed on flesh but to get money. So it kind of shows mankind’s worship of money and how it transcends into death because it makes zombies
our of certain people.

An Unspoken Remembrance (instrumental)

The Great Mechanical Pig

This song is partially about how living amongst the human race has molded you into who you are. Whether you’ve experienced trauma, racism, or are easily influenced by media and crime. You’ve become that based off of other homo-sapiens you’ve come across through out your life. It becomes a shell around the innocence you once had as a child. So in the song I mention that “I’ll shed all of this world from my skin like a cheap suit” means to return to the purity I once had before the world corrupted me. There is also metaphoric meaning as I personify “ignorance”
as a female figure that consumers who buy into the world’s ways are keeping ignorance by there side like they’ve married her. I also say that “when hate becomes your life you will die” meaning that spiritual death inhabits those who’ve been consumed by hatred. This song lightly touches on Armageddon and how we are all equal in death. So a selfish sense of pride is irrelevant.

Frozen Head

This song basically says that the underground music community is like the undead. It still thrives while being 6 feet deep but will arise from the grave, feast, and remain hidden.

Sam Kinison’s Death March

This song can be interpreted however the reader reads it, but I touch on how the upper class complain about petty things in life while there lives are far greater than those in third world countries celebrities go insane when they’re not on top but at least there not eating dust pancakes.