Dingo bassist Philip Wiltshire talks about the band’s new EP, Inconsistent, out now.

Buried In The Blue

Buried In The Blue is the first song on the EP. We picked it to be the opener because it is a really fast, heavy yet very melodic song which hits hard.
Lyrically the song is about losing yourself and “burying” who you used to be.
People change, everyone does for the better or worse. That’s what this song is about.

Horse Or Carriage

This song is about pulling your own weight. When you’re doing something, make sure you put your part in and don’t let others do everything for you. You can either be the horse, and do the work.Or you can be the carriage, and get pulled through your life, burdening others.Which one are you?

Going South

Going South is very melodic, short and fast. The lyrics are not serious and were only written as a joke. We do in fact not praise Satan. Musically, the song is very powerful. Fast riffs and melodic synths and a breakdown which is very easy to jump to.


This is a really heavy song with a hardcore feel. It expresses how much beauty ideals have been blown out of proportion. People are forgetting what really matters such as values and morals. “Climb your way upon the sharpest thorn” is one of the lyric lines from the song. The thorn resembles the consequences and more and more people are “climbing” higher and higher to gain acceptance.


This is a song about America. A country that, in our opinion, has way to easy access to guns. Anyone can arms themselves. We think this is wrong. We think this is the cause of so many deaths every year, and it can so easily be avoided.

The songs message is that the people who run America and the people of America need to stand up and fight for what’s important. We decided for this song to be the finishing song of the EP because the end is very powerful, it has a lot of melody and almost an epic feel.

AuthorJordan Mohler