Camisado takes us through the band’s new record, Faceless. Pick up the album) and read the descriptions below.


This song is about feeling out of place.  A lot of people think that being different is a bad thing or that it’s crazy.  Throughout the song I sing about feeling trapped and held down or held back by idea of being different.  But by the end of the song the message is conveyed to embrace that uniqueness in you.  The song is kind of an exploration of the mind of how it feels to be different and what goes through my mind when I’m called out in it and ultimately embracing it as a good thing and part of who I am.

Shoot The Messenger

This song is about someone leaving you without hearing it straight from the person’s mouth.  When something like that happens, you have trouble believing it, so you claim that it’s not true.  When you hear if from someone or somewhere else you blame “the messenger.”  If you remove the messenger from the situation then you can believe from the source what is really going on.  Throughout the song I am calling out the person who left, to end it face to face so I know for sure that they are never coming back.


A lot of people feel unimportant or that they don’t belong.  They feel like just another name without a face.  The idea being “faceless” is mean to be a challenge.  To live the way you want and break out of the crowd.  It’s a challenge to become something more and not faceless.  Do whatever you want in life and believe in whatever you want to believe in.  But, most importantly believe in yourself.  Without that you have no shot at becoming the best you possible.  The song is also about making sure that you are humble enough to acknowledge the fact that we all have flaws.  That’s just as important to embrace as much as the good parts of yourself.  That is what makes you truly you and unique.

In Your Veins

This song is about me finally breaking after being having gone through like every bad relationship situation in the books.  Feeling like I’ve become a monster.  In this particular case I saw an awesome future with this person. I could tell that I could fall in love, but before that could happened things ended before either of us had the chance to let that develop.  I then found out that they had been cheating and it came completely out of left field.  They did not seem like that kind of person at all.  The chorus kind of talks about regretting that I remained true and faithful if they weren’t doing the same.  In the song I acknowledge that  I’ve been through this kind of shit before, but this time the person didn’t know that I knew for a while of their infidelities.  The end of that relationship was the beginning of becoming a monster. Of my being jaded of future relationships because of the situation.

Becoming Bones

Becoming bones is about having thought that my chance at falling in love had expired.  I felt a sense of seclusion and found myself in a dark place.  I found myself distant from wanting to be in a relationship.  Even when I was in my darkest place, I was still able to find love.  When someone can accept you when you are at your worst you know that it is worth your best.  I was able to remember what it felt like to care about someone again and get that same care in return.

I Am Alive Tonight

The main theme of this song is to live for the moment.  This song is kind of like the Camisado anthem.  In the song I ask who will share this idea of living your life to the fullest until death.  It’s about having a good time and making the most out of situations.  It’s kind of like an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality.  One thing we tend to forget about the days we spend us the fact that the moments that we are living right now are happening only at the moment.  You will never come back to that moment and you may meet get a chance at a similar moment again.  Experience life and all it has to offer, the good and the bad.

When I Find It

This song uses the idea of being alone as a sickness.  It’s my need for love to cure the sickness.  In the song I talk about finding love with another who had their heart broken just as much as I did.  Through that I use the idea of picking up the pieces of our two broken hearts into one to share. It’s a song about me realizing finally what love should feel like.

You Still Haunt Me

This song deals with me still thinking about a past relationship.  It talks about not being able to escape the thought if this person.  It feels like an unwanted obsession that you can’t seem to shake.  I’m able to acknowledge that it’s over, but that we are both still suffering on a daily basis.  Like I can’t go a day without being reminded of that person.  It’s definitely an experience that I’m sure many people have shared.


This song is about a relationship ending that i though there was still a chance of saving.  In the relationship, i didn’t think anything is going wrong and then everything got swept from under my feet and I felt like i was drowning.  I felt helpless when I was trying to keep things afloat, but in the end it was out of my control.  It was obvious that they had disconnected their self  from me.  In the song I am pleading to hold on and that I had intended to spend my life with that person. 

Stage IV

This song, pronounced “stage I-V”, deals with actually being stuck on stage 4 of depression of the different stages of depression.   I went through being angry, I went through denying and disbelieving, i went through bargaining, but I couldn’t get past accepting the situation.  I speak about what was going in my head when I was feeling this way.  It had felt like I had died on the inside.  I continued to go on with my life but still couldn’t ever accept the reality of the situation.  I use the idea of being hooked up to an IV to keep me alive.  What I mean by that is that the only thing that was keeping me together was the memory.  It’s said that the 4th stage if depression is the hardest to get over.  This is by far one of the most interpersonal songs I’ve written to date. 

Let It Burn

This song describes my passion behind everything that I do.  All of my hopes and dreams can be illustrated through the song.  It’s a call that maybe one day they will come true.  It’s about me never giving up on those dreams no matter how difficult the struggle is along the way.  You can’t expect to be handed things if you want to succeed in life.  And if you truly have a passion for what you are doing you will want more than just what you dream of.  You will want to reach new heights and accomplish even more.

Days Gone By

This song is a reflection on everything that I’ve gone through trying to pursue my dreams.  No matter what has happened along the way amazing or terrible, I still want it just as bad as when I first began to follow my dreams, if not even more so.  The things that are worth it in the end often times have the most difficult obstacles.  As long as you know where to sail you can overcome the obstacles and reach your destination.

AuthorJordan Mohler