Toronto Canada’s own Wildheart releases debut single “Gone”

After drawing much heat and anger from the UK group “The Wildhearts”, for the similarity in name, the Canadian born “Wildheart” continues to use the moniker unaffected… and apparently confidant that geography, musical style and common sense could not allow any real fan confusion or provide legal grounds for a trademark or copyright issue.

 That being said we shall now see if these Canuks can walk the walk as well as they talk the talk.

Wildheart have just released their first single “Gone” (strictly as a digital streaming soundcloud file) The recording is a pre album demo… and despite its self-produced/engenered status it hits quite hard. The track manages to squeeze a wide range of diversity and sonic dynamics into it’s modest three and a half minute run time. Stylistically managing to sound like a hybrid of “Voodoo medicine man” era Aerosmith and Steppenwolf’s “Magic carpet ride”. The vocals, both sharp and mean, cut through this thick track like a switchblade through flesh in a street fight

The bass pounds on your chest like two stone fists and the guitar tone is so jangly and funky it could very well have been hand crafted by the Stone’s Keef himself. Percussively and rhythmically this song goes from punchy rock to funk to a tribal breakdown back to a soaring, soulful, skanky second half. Concluding, if not prematurely at least abruptly, leaving the listener wanting to hear more from this fresh young band.

Wildheart are currently working on an their first record…and yes I do mean record. From the available press it would seem as if the band plan on releasing a full length vinyl in the year to come. I am sure they will make an EP or at least a couple more singles available in the meantime. For a band living and working in the gritty downtown core of Toronto Ontario Canada they sure are pushing out quite the bang for the available buck. Let it be known that this is a working class band doing what they love and doing it damn well.

Keep an eye on these ones.

AuthorJordan Mohler