The mighty Underoath have come and gone. When they were active, they were regarded as a dominating force in the Christian metal/secular world. A lot of bands nowadays should be paying royalties to them. While originally starting off as a generic, preachy, (it would make For Today look tame) black metal band, the arrival of Spencer Chamberlain changed the band’s sound for the better.

I’ll admit it was a bit hard compiling their best songs, considering their extensive catalog. comment with any songs you’re surprised aren’t on the list.

10. When The Sun Sleeps (The Changing of Times - 2002)

The only album with Dallas Taylor on vocals that I can really handle. The video is actually good for being their first one ever.

9. Emergency Broadcast: The End Is Near (Lost in the Sound of Separation - 2008)

Heavy, but slower than their normal songs. Fun fact, Aaron double tracked this on the drums with Daniel Davison who would later end up replacing him

8. In Regards to Myself (Define the Great Line - 2008)

When you hear cinema projector and the opening riff of this song, you know you’re about to hear something great.

7. Unsound (Anthology 1999-2013)

Before they broke up; Underoath went back in the studio and recorded two new songs for their greatest hits CD. Spencer sounds a lot like Anthony Green in this song (albeit a bit lower pitched) particularly Circa Surive’s song Through The Desert Alone.

6. The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed (Lost in the Sound of Separation - 2008)

Starts off intense and doesn’t stop.

5. A Boy Brushed Red… Living in Black and White (They’re Only Chasing Safety - 2004)

The 2nd track on their debut with Spencer Chamberlain. He would later change his vocal style on the next record.

4. Paper Lung (Ø (disambiguation - 2010)

One of the few songs besides “Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear” that features singing for a majority of the song. Only this time, Spencer is doing double duty after the departure of Aaron.

3. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures (Lost in the Sound of Separation - 2008)

This a great song to see live (on Youtube now anyway).

2. Writing On The Walls (Define the Great Line - 2008)

DTGL would be a turning point for the band; the record debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200

1. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door (They’re Only Chasing Safety - 2004)

The song that got me hooked on Underoath. It sounded different from anything I heard at the time.