Class is back in session, as the sideshow hell ride known only as The Prep School Tragedy gears up for carnage with their debut release, It‘s All A Show. The twisted and animalistic plunge into Electro-Pop strips away all notions of common decency with hits like “Hate Everything I Do (Glitch Mode Mix)” and “Bussdown”. Highlighted by the band’s reckless damn-it-all attitude, It’s All A Show draws from the band’s various industrial and hip hop backgrounds. Personifying the DIY ethic that drives the industry today, the album was engineered, produced, and mixed by front man Benn “TranQ” Guy, along with Sean Payne of Cyanotic. Built like a savage machine fueled by sex, drugs, and cheerleaders, It’s All A Show is a blackout inducing look into the addicting world of The Prep School Tragedy.

The Prep School Tragedy recently wrapped up its first national tour with Ventana in support of their debut release. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the band left its footprint in cities like Milwaukee, Cleveland, Sandusky, and Detroit. This first major outing proved that the insanity of Prep School’s stage show was sharp enough to infect audiences on a national level.

Armed with enough adrenaline to rival any current touring act, The Prep School Tragedy quickly broke out as one of Chicago’s premier Industrial/Alternative collectives. Led by two front men, Benn “TranQ” Guy and Michael “Ignited” Hodes, the band has become notorious for its controversial live performances that include scantily clad cheerleaders, known only as The Squad. Rebelling against mainstream commodities, the band has mastered the art of independent music with self released music and merchandise, and they continue to be the backbone of their own promotional campaign. This consistent work ethic, coupled with their love for theatrics, has earned The Prep School Tragedy a loyal following across several state lines. Their delivery of filthy and grungy synths combined with erratic drum patterns is only a taste of the big picture. Walking a thin line between exploitation and good old fashioned fun, The Prep School Tragedy has managed to carve out their own unique sound in today’s otherwise vanilla landscape.

The Prep School Tragedy has made its way across the country, and shared the stage with such notable acts as The Birthday Massacre, Blood On The Dance Floor, Celldweller, Deadstar Assembly, Mushroomhead, , My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Twiztid & Ventana. Their debut release, It’s All A Show, is available now on itunes and all digital retailers. (



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AuthorJordan Mohler