TECH N9NE possesses his own perception of therapy, and that’s codified in his new metal-tinged, aggressive 11-track 2013 EP, Therapy, hitting stores November 5th via Strange Music. You can pre-order Therapy via iTunes at this link. Therapy is produced by legendary rock producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot) to achieve a hard-hitting, instrument-driven sound unlike anything else he’d previously done over the course of thirteen full-length studio albums. Top-notch musicians such as Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit and Glassjaw’s Sammy Siegler built the sonic foundation for many of the tracks alongside longtime producer Seven’s beats.

 Last week, Rolling Stone debuted ‘Hiccup’, the first track released from Therapy. Now, the track is available for listening via Strange Music’s official YouTube page. Listen here:

Therapy track listing:

1. The Ghost (Therapy Skit One)    
2.  Public School (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
3.  Head Now (featuring Bernz & Wrekonize)
4.  Hiccup
5.  Therapy Skit Two
6.  Shame on Me (featuring Caroline Dupuy Heerwagen)
7.  Jacob Wells Message (skit)
8.  When Demons Come (featuring Tyler Lyon)    
9.  Therapy Skit Three    
10. I.L.L.
11. Stop the Sailor
AuthorJordan Mohler