Strychnia’s ENTIRE album, “The Anatomy of Execution” is now streaming on YouTube! If you have not bought the album, there are 4-5 songs NEVER released online in the past, so you can go check them out for free! Kevin, the vocalist explains:

In complete honesty, our album is not selling as well as we hoped… and we really just want people to hear the hard work we put into this album. We spent 100+ hours in the studio recording, editing, and tweaking these songs and we are dying to hear everyone’s opinion. Therefore, our entire album can be played online. You can download the entire album off our facebook page ( … we just ask of one thing… PLEASE give us some feedback. We are dedicated musicians and nothing is more awesome than hearing how much you guys dig our tunes! *The tracks are ordered identically to our album. Track #1 on this playlist is Track #1 on our album etc.*

AuthorJordan Mohler