On the night of January 9th, metalheads and scene kids alike converged at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA to witness some of the most dominating names in metal What follows is a record of that night.

Emmure                                Credit to Matt Alexandre Photography

To be honest, I was never a fan of Emmure. I had always thought their guitar tabs were more or less binary code. I quickly changed my mind after seeing them. Frankie’s vocals were on par with the CD which impressed me a lot. They opened the show Solar Flare Homicide.The rest of their set included fan favorites such as Demons With Ryu,  I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper, R2 Deepthroat, and more.

Credit to Matt Alexandre Photography

Whitechapel’s set was a dream come true for their diehard fans. The first three songs they played were The Somatic Defilement, Vicer Exciser, and Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation. Phil mentioned that their first show ever was with Emmure, so this was basically coming back full circle. This was my 5th seeing Whitechapel and Phil’s vocals were top notch compared to the last time I had saw them with Hatebreed/All Shall Perish where they had toured 3 weeks straight with no days off. I found it kinda odd that none of the band mentioned the fact that they re-mixed and re-mastered The Somatic Defilement. It’s worth noting that Phil called for not one, but TWO wall of deaths during Whitechapel’s set. I’m pretty sure everyone  was drained after they played. pics from their set

I had first saw Unearth last year on their headliner with Born of Osiris so I was excited to see them again. They came out in full force opening my favorite song, My Will Be Done. The Massachusetts metal band warmed up the crowd with songs such as Giles, Eyes of Black, The Great Dividers, and more. Definitely hoping they get to headline another tour soon.

Obey The Brave, the Canadian hardcore band got the dancers going in the pit. I feel this band would be more formidable if they toured with bands in their respective genre. I’m sure everyone wishes Alex would reunite Despised Icon instead.

The Plot In You opened the show; wasn’t real impressed. Just one breakdown after another. Landon wrote a song about Austin Carlile and they didn’t even bother to play it; all that hype for nothing.

AuthorJordan Mohler