Between the Buried and Me released Future Sequence, the sequel to Hypersleep Dialgoues, last year and have now gotten around to performing the album front to back. Similar to how they did with Colors and Hypersleep Dialgoues

The Safety Fire opened the show, playing songs from their recent release, Mouth of Swords and their debut, Grind the Ocean. This was their 2nd time in the USA, the first being their tour with Protest The Hero. The band is good but whoever was running their sound made it unbearable for me to watch more than 15 mins of their set.

If you’ve been keeping up with The Contortionist lately, you’ll notice they have a new vocalist. Michael Lessard of Last Chance to Reason is doing double-duty as frontman for both bands (he’s going into the studio with The Contortionist around Spring). They only had time for 4-5 songs, playing only material from Intrinsic. Here’s hoping they do a headliner soon.

The Michael Keene Project- I mean, The Faceless took the stage next and Evan Brewer was noticeably missing from the lineup. Their manager, or whoever ran sound for them did a GREAT job. The vocals were actually higher in the mix and weren’t buried under the guitars. Lots of circle/mosh pits took place during their set.

After a brief audio introduction played over the PA, the legendary BTBAM took the stage. The talking between songs was kept to a minimum, similar to their Colors DVD. I’m really hoping they film this tour since they’re playing Future Sequence in it’s entirety. In typical BTBAM fashion, they only played one song for their encore; White Walls. The whole band was on point and tight. Not once did I see Blake count off to start a song. Don’t miss this tour when it comes to your town!

AuthorJordan Mohler