To Speak of Wolves - Find Your Worth, Come Home
Record Label: Solid State Records
Release Date: May 22nd, 2012

I first heard of Greensboro, NC natives To Speak of Wolves when I saw them open for Underoath and Emery back in 2009. Releasing “Myself<Letting Go” to rave reviews in 2010, the band lost original vocalist, Rick Jacobs and picked up Oh, Sleeper’s merch guy Gage Speas for vocal duty. After seeing the band three times (once with Rick Jacob and twice with Gage Speas, I can honestly say they’ve found their sound with the new vocalist. “Find Your Worth, Come Home" contains two guest vocals from Micah Kinard of Oh, Sleeper on “Stand Alone Complex”, and Levi the Poet on “Rearview Memories” which gives the album variation. To Speak of Wolves waste no time shifting into high gear with the ferocious opener, "Hivemind" which smashes through the wall and grabs you by the throat. It’s quite obvious the band are influenced by The Chariot and Norma Jean (back when they had Josh Scogin in the band) which is evident in guitarists Corey Doran and Aaron Kisling’s chaotic playing even more so in Gage’s raw vocals. Thankfully, their guitar playing stands out among hundreds of other bands who prefer chugging and breakdowns over innovative riffs. Phil Chamberlain’s drumming really shines through on this record, especially on the songs, "Je Suis Fini", "Broken Birds", and Hivemind. It’s safe to say that To Speak of Wolves have secured their place as one of Solid State’s next big bands.