The Word Alive - Life Cycles
Record Label: Fearless Records
Release Date: July 3rd, 2012

The Word Alive’s new album “Life Cycles,” set to release on July 3, is one to mark the beginning of the rest of a killer band. This is their 3rd full album, a recovery from the loss of both their keyboardist and drummer after “Deceiver”; of which they only chose to replace the drummer with Luke Holland. However, he joined the band after Matt Horn, a friend of the band, who had already completed the studio sessions. Lead singer Tyler (‘Telle’) Smith previously stated that “Life Cycles” was going to have a much heavier sound, and I have to admit, he wasn’t lying in the least. But not only does the album have a heavier vibe, but it ties in some sweet vocals: the harmonies on Tyler’s cleans definitely boost the contrast between his voice and the screams.

The first song of the album “Dragon Spell” kicks off an electronic feel that overflows into most of the other songs. I feel as if the decision to not replace the keyboardist allowed them to play around with an array of sounds to fill that space, and it seriously sounds awesome. The release of the single “Life Cycles” back in early June was an excellent glimpse into what to expect from the whole of this album. It bundled the vocals and incorporated the electronics really well, which seems to happen in each song. Ending on a softer note with “Astral Planes,” the slower song does a super job on highlighting Tyler’s cleans, but of course, it officially ends with a bang tying together what is probably TWA’s best album yet. Over all, the album is definitely a huge step up from “Deceiver,” making it a total must-buy. Get pumped, this is a good one.


- Kim