From the opening of this album the listener is abruptly pulled into the sporadic style that is claimed by The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Songs like “Understanding Decay” and their opener “Prancer” surprise the listener with the illusion of complete randomness and disorienting instrument syncopation. But what lies behind the dizzying chaos is a band with an established and unique sound that can bring a refreshing sense to punk fans. Even fans of slam can find themselves jamming along to songs like “Hero of the Soviet Union” and “Paranoid Shields”. Although on the outside these songs seem to be a jumbled mess of conflicting instrumentation; the band really brings a sound that can be applicable for fans of many different styles.

A song that particularly stands out is the title track “One of Us is the Killer”. This sound has a much different feel which closely resembles and alternative rock sound. This song separates itself from the rest of the album, bringing the listener closer as they are given a release from the intrusive and apparently structureless atmosphere of the first two songs. Another song that can adequately sum up the band’s sound would be “Crossburner”. This song sticks out as not only the longest song on the record, but also as a song that contains the band’s full sound in one song. The record ends with a song called “The Threat Posed By Nuclear Weapons”. This song closes the album with a much more thrash-like sound. It takes the punk/hardcore sound to a new area of the genre. This song, as well as the rest of the album, brings forth a modern twist to the all familiar hardcore punk sound.

The cons of this album are mostly subjective. The only main “problem” with this album is that anyone who hasn’t heard of the band before will most likely be immediately turned off to the attack that the band ensues throughout the album. Not to say I didn’t like it or that the band doesn’t have an established career; (rocking almost 200,000 likes on Facebook and boasting a record deal with Sumerian) the band brings a sound that frankly just isn’t for everyone. Anyone that is a fan of hardcore punk or slam bands will thoroughly enjoy this album. Anyone who despises anything in the ballpark of hardcore…this album isn’t for you.

It’s always refreshing to hear a band rock a fully unique sound. The Dillinger Escape plan does just that. They combine the underground hardcore punk with an alternative rock sound that somehow works great. They are very much an “acquired taste” kind of band, but if you happen to be sporting for that taste, this band will not disappoint. From an objective standpoint, this band has a consistent sound and definitely stands out from any kind of mainstream in any kind of genre.

Bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan are what keep music going and what inspire people to write music of their own and do it for no other reason than to express the music they love in a format that radiates their passion. That is what the heart of music should be, and with bands like this it is clear that that heart is still beating.

Rating: 9/10

- Nic