Screaming. While it’s certainly nothing new for Senses Fail, it’s definitely prevalent on this album. I wanna applaud the band for trying something different and not making another “safe” album like The Fire. The album opens with the self-titled track, “Renacer" (Spanish for "revive" or "to be reborn), which takes you by the hand and throws you into the mosh-ready songs on the rest of the album. The lyrics on the record are more to the point this time and less vague; also understandable for your friends who can’t stand "screamo" music.

The first single from the record, “Mi Amor" is sung almost entirely in Spanish (80% of it anyway) was the result of spontaneous inspiration while recording in the studio. "The Path" finds vocalist Buddy Nielsen singing a message of hope; "Don’t be afraid to stumble and weep, enjoy the journey even when it’s steep. The mountains teach us to rise up and reach, enjoy the journey even when you’re weak." It’s fitting that the band would choose "to be reborn" as the title cause they sound like a completely different band on this release, which isn’t a bad thing. Songs like "Closure/Rebirth”, “Holy Mountain”, “The Path”, and “Mi Amor" are sure to become crowd favorites in the band’s set. This is by far the band’s best work and is sure to be a classic similar to the rest of the band’s catalog.